Day 2

I don’t plan to write a blog every day, but I will when I feel like I have something to say (hey that rhymes!)  So yesterday was really interesting.  Now that I’ve taken some things out and left the whole world open otherwise, I feel like I’m eating more intuitively just naturally.  Or it could be the weekend.  That too.  I’m tracking what I’m eating and I ended up having a really late lunch that I ate about 2/3 of at Life Alive then an even later dinner of salad.  Not bad.

Today, a good friend played a game called “let’s take a look at what’s in your protein powder”.  So…no more protein powder.  At least not one with that many things I can’t pronounce.  Subbed in a few raw almonds with my yogurt and berries and it was just as good though!   And chemical free, which I liked.   I’ll settle on what the long game for this whole thing soon enough I’m sure.  Off to hike now!


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