Dextrose is the devil

Day 3!  I’m noticing that I’m already getting a little more normal about food.   Example:  removed chocolate flavored protein powder from yogurt in the morning.  Now when yogurt is gone, I wash the dish instead of scooping the spoon around the edges to get the last bits.  I also keep not eating and not really noticing I’m not eating.  I’m about 10% through lunch at 1pm for example.  And I haven’t had any of the snacks I brought.  I’m tracking what I eat and this is almost alarming as yesterday I had to add stuff because I saw that I’d barely hit 1000 calories, despite hiking 6 miles and walking around the city a lot.  But I guess my body will settle where it does.  The tracking is more curiosity than hard and set rules.  To that end, I’m not going to weigh myself all the time.  I didn’t really do it before but now I’m curious about if there is a change (there’s a small one) and I don’t want to get obsessive about THAT…so no scale until 4/19.  My scale is connected to myfitnesspal (yay Withings) so there’s really no way I can sneak that.

So the point of this post – Dextrose.  Yesterday I made myself the Shrimp Stir Fry from Trader Joe’s (where I do pretty much all of my shopping).   I’ve had this frozen stir fry a bunch of times before and one of my favorite things about it is that it comes with a little packet of spices.  I use my own all the time so it’s fun to try different ones.  Started cooking it, read the ingredient list and saw “dextrose” as the 2nd ingredient.  The second I saw “ose” I knew I was in trouble but I looked it up anyway.


“Dextrose is made when starchy plants — primarily corn (and less commonly wheat or rice) — are broken down into monosaccharides using enzymes, and to a lesser extent acids. Because it’s from natural sources, dextrose is considered “natural,” but it is still processed.

About 20 percent less sweet than sucrose, dextrose is commonly used as a sweetener in packaged and processed foods because of its affordability and wide availability. It has a pleasant ‘cooling’ taste that compliments the flavors of the foods it is used to sweeten, it helps dough to rise and brown, is known to enhance and stabilize food colorings, and can also extend the shelf-life of packaged foods.

Dextrose is added to foods to sweeten them, and also sometimes as a filler or a texturizing agent. Dextrose is used in sauces, cookies, cake mixes, candies, energy drinks, and frozen desserts. It may also be included in savory foods like cured meats, canned foods, pretzels, pickles and crackers. You may not realize a particular food contains dextrose because it can appear on a label under other names including corn sugar, wheat sugar, rice sugar, dextrose monohydrate, d-glucose, grape sugar and dextrose anhydrase.”

So yeah.  Sugar in my spices.  Annoying.  Then I went to Trader Joe’s to shop for the week.  I’m going to need more snack ideas I think.  Trying to stay away from bread for now and nuts are good, as are nut butters but I don’t want them to be my total go to.  I am cool with fruit, although dried apricots have sugar ADDED to them in case you weren’t aware, unless they are organic.  I’m becoming a label reader.  So it’s easier to just stick with things that don’t need labels to begin with.  But it doesn’t make it easy.  Anyway, one idea was hummus.  Hummus!  Benign chickpeas and tahini!  I couldn’t find a single package of hummus that did NOT contain dextrose, along with “for freshness” next to the word.   Grumble.  So no hummus.  But I DID find air popped popcorn.  So that was a win.

Yogurt…without chocolate flavored protein but WITH almonds.  Still tasty!

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