I have the brain of a toddler

I just finished a task that I’d been putting off and thought would take a LOT longer than it did for work, so now I have a few minutes to take a little break.  Hooray!  Doing things!  Adulting!  I’d like to share the conversation that just went on in my head.

Me:  Well, alrighty!  Good job just getting in there and learning how to do things.  That’s not so bad, right?  What should I go and accomplish next?

My brain:  Did you bring snacks today?

Me:  Yes.

My brain:  What KIND of snacks?

Me.  Carrots, almonds, snap peas.  Healthy ones.

My brain:  Boooooring!

Me:  Are you hungry?

My brain: (poking foot on the floor).  Well, no, but I’m bored…

Me:  So then you don’t need to eat.  Find another thing.

So I’m writing.  Interestingly enough, I’m getting a little bit of REAL hungry now, so it’s a good thing I brought snacks but JEEZ.  It’s like there’s a 3 year old living in there sometimes.

Today is day 5 and I’ve observed a couple of other things.  One, my, er, intestinal system is doing GREAT.  That’s all I’ll say about that.  Two, non stimulating food just doesn’t WORK as a numbing tool.  Carrots are fun to crunch but I don’t think about them (read: obsess about when I’ll have more carrots) afterwards.  Salmon is deeelicious and I enjoy eating it lots (and brussels sprouts…so good) but when it’s over it’s just over.  I don’t CRAVE brussels sprouts.  Well, OK, maybe a little but it doesn’t give me the same “hit” as ice cream does.  I mean, I know all of this intellectually but it’s interesting to kind of step back and observe my own brain about it.

OK back to work.  Thanks for reading!


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