Homeostasis – or what I think is going to happen

Day 7.  One week of:

  • Nothing processed or from a box
  • No artificial sweeteners (I miss you, Splenda)
  • Nothing containing added sugar

I worked out 4 times (Crossfit, Fighter Fit, Boot Camp, 6 mile hike)

I tracked all of my food in myfitnesspal.  Most days were:

  • 1500 calories (except popcorn + apricot day, which was 2500)
  • 100 grams protein
  • 90-100 grams of carbs (popcorn day was 250)
  • 25-30 grams of fiber
  • 80-90 grams of fat (about 45% of daily intake) from nuts, salad dressing (Annie’s Goddess) and olive oil or kerrygold butter in cooking

A coworker shared this article today about a dude who tried to eat and train like The Rock for a month.  5000 calories, 7 meals and 2 hours of working out every day.  The result?  Not much happened.  He gained a pound and didn’t really look very different.

I kind of predict this is what I’ll find at the end of a month of no processed foods, at least as it pertains to how I look and what I weigh.  I’d love to be pleasantly surprised, but I don’t really see that happening.  But who knows?

The reason (I believe) is homeostasis.  My body wants to stay the same if it can.  When I lost weight before, I had to create a pretty drastic deficit and stick with it for months and months.  I did, which is awesome, and have maintained that loss for over a year (something that’s rare and that I’m pretty psyched about).  Once I started eating a bit more, though, and since I didn’t just switch from low calorie to all crap, my body has been pretty intent on staying where it is.  It’s at times great (when I eat candy for all of December and stay the same weight) and at times annoying (when I eat no processed foods for a month and stay the same).  The keys for actual change seem to be consistency and method (ie, do I do it every day and am I eating a smaller enough amount of whatever for my body to lose weight).

One goal for the next 3 weeks is to be consistent about what I put in, so I have fewer variables.  This basically means no popcorn and apricot binges.  But I also am pretty active and have no interest in bonking, so I’m going to try to look for a consistent “net” calorie amount and macronutrient distribution, which now is playing out at 25% carbs, 45% fat and 30% protein.    Not in a crazy psycho way, just in a general way.  I’m curious what will happen.

I’m also still at the tail end of a cold and for this I blame the season more than my eating habits.  So I can’t say I feel amazing or anything like that. Yet.  I’m excited month over month to try different things too.  Maybe low carb one month.  Maybe intermittent fasting?   It would be awesome to wear a two piece and be happy with it.  Just throwing that out to the universe in case something is listening.  TTFN.



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