Happy Easter + ALL THE HIKING

This weekend was a ton of hiking.  I joined a meetup group Saturday and drove to NH, took a 90 minute yoga class then went on a 7 mile bushwhacking hike up Mt Windsor.  It was a gorgeous day and I met some great new hiking friends.  I’d been a little worried about eating partially because between the yoga and the hiking was a stop at a German bakery.  Brought a salad, no problem.  Dinner was a Turkish restaurant but other than the bread, everything was fresh and pretty amazing after a long day of being active.   Oh!  I also tried roasted chickpeas, which were YUM.  Highly recommend them as a trail snack.  I’ll be making them again.

View from somewhere near the top

In other fun news, I had a VERY FIT colleague look at my food journal on Friday and she said I’m eating too much fat and not enough carbs.  This got me to thinking – perhaps my “protein + vegetables” eating pattern combined with my heavy exercise has been setting me up for sugar binges 1-2 times per week because my body just wanted carbohydrates!  I know that to the average person this may seem like “duh” but this was a revelation for me.  Plus, in today’s society that vilifies carbs (myself included at times), I really thought all my carbs should be coming from veggies and fruits.  And honestly, I felt somewhat guilty about the fruit.  That would only bring me to some crazy low number like 800 calories a day.  So I’d add healthy fats, like raw nuts or olive oil.  To the point where a close to HALF of my calories were coming from fat and I still felt a little short on energy.  So, in the latest iteration of things, I’ve added some whole grains.  Wow.  Huge difference in energy levels.  Shooting for 30/30/40 protein/fat/carbs.  Also upping the calories to 1800 as a goal since I workout a LOT.  So…we’ll see.  I also survived Easter (and VAST exposure to chocolate) unscathed.  Phew!   Hiked another 6 miles this morning bringing me to 13 miles of hiking and 90 minutes of yoga in a 24 hour period.  Now I’m ready to sleep!  Until next time…

Yogurt plus protein powder -> yogurt + almonds –> yogurt plus oats.  Hoping 3rd try is a charm!

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