Now I try…hiking all the mountains?

This weekend I went hiking with a meetup group and carpooled with two super cool active women.  While driving to and from NH, I started to get the idea that it could be fun to try to do all of the 4000 footers in NH (there are 48 of them).  Now, the timeline I had in mind was “eventually” but one of the girls in my car had a different timeline, along the lines of “immediately”.    Here we are somewhere on Mt Windsor.  Cute, right?

Me and my new friend Carla, who wants to hike all the things

When I got back to Cambridge, I thought it could be fun to maybe hike ONE of the 4000 footers a week from Sunday because next Sunday is my uncle Ray’s birthday and I kind of wanted Saturday to do other things.  I mentioned to Carla going up late Saturday and staying in a lodge or something, upon which Carla found another meetup covering 3 ADDITIONAL 4000 foot mountains.  So then we were up to 4.  In one weekend.  OK fine, I said.  Let’s do it.  I thought to myself “ok, now let’s try to get to some sort of practice mountain this weekend”.  But was Carla done?  No, no she was not done.

She found yet ANOTHER meetup for THIS Saturday that involves hiking three DIFFERENT mountains.  And these mountains aren’t even 4000 footers!  My brain panicked!  These mountains wouldn’t “count”!  They are part of the 52 WAV (which means 52 mountains that are under 4000 feet but “with a view”).  So…now I am apparently climbing 100 mountains.  The 48 4000 footers and 52 “with a view”.  I guess no time like the present, right?  I signed up.  Slightly more enthusiastically than my nerves feel.  But we’ll see.

In preparation for this, I ran 100 flights of stairs in my apartment building last night.  One of the hikers in my group Saturday said “the only way to get better at hiking is to hike”. I agree with this.  But stair running certainly can’t hurt.  I also did crossfit this morning.  Tomorrow I think I’m going to run the Harvard Stadium with the November Project.  So that’s all happening.

In “what I’m eating” land, it seems to be going pretty well.   Today is day…11 I think.  Adding some carbs in is helping me.  I feel reasonably normal around food although I’m fairly constantly hungry I think in part because i didn’t eat enough for all I did over the weekend so Monday my body was playing catch up.  I don’t feel a difference in clothing or weight, but I guess it will figure itself out.    I definitely notice that I’m falling asleep as soon as I lay down (had been getting a touch of insomnia that was annoying me) and I have plenty of energy to do all the things I want to do.  So…it’s working!

I also think I need to figure out how to describe what I’m doing.   When I say I’m “not eating processed foods for a year”, snarky bastards love to point out that cooking a vegetable is, in fact, processing it.  I could say nothing packaged, but again, I buy things that come in a box.  Saying nothing with “more than 4 ingredients” also doesn’t really work because sugar could be one of those ingredients.  So maybe “no chemically made food and no refined sugar”.  Not the best ring to it.  I welcome suggestions.  I have no elevator speech for this.

Anyway, that’s my ramble for the day.  Tomorrow I run the stadium and spend my REI gift certificate (thanks parents!) that I got for my birthday.  Someone at work commented that I have the social life of a 25 year old.  Fine by me!


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