“Lead legs” or “how to balance exercise and recovery”

Today is my 20th day!  My legs have felt like lead since my trail run last Saturday and I’m decidedly NOT hiking all the mountains because this weather is frustratingly difficult to plan around (I’m looking at you, 12″ ice on everything north of 3000 feet in NH).  One of the biggest things I’ve noticed since starting this whole thing is my interest in more and more intense workouts.    I’ve been doing crossfit, boot camp, running stadium stairs (November Project), boxing…just pretty high octane stuff.  Saturday I ran 4 miles in the Fells and learned that I’m very much out of “run for an hour at a steady pace” shape.  It’s so interesting how it doesn’t matter if you pretty well conditioned – to do anything takes practice doing THAT SPECIFIC THING.

So now I’m practicing running.  This is because I have Ragnar May 13th and then the Run to Remember Half Marathon 2 weeks later.  Did 3.5  SLOW miles this morning with a friend.  I wanted to stop the WHOLE time.  My legs are so lead-y.  Hopefully that gets better.  I feel like I have energy and I took Monday and Tuesday totally off, but figuring out how to balance exercise and recovery is clearly still a work in progress.   Sometimes it’s hard having so many things I want to do.  I like running, hiking, high intensity classes, weight lifting (sort of) and I think yoga is something I should be fitting in somewhere.  Never enough time!

Interesting thing I noticed yesterday on the food front.  I got home from work and was having dinner with a friend at 7 but was HUNGRY.  Did a boxing class in the morning and just couldn’t stay ahead of it.  I ended up eating “too many” apricots – about 3 or 4 servings – and 2 RxBars because they had just arrived and I was excited AND hungry.  This was definitely more food than needed, bordering on “emotional bored and this tastes good” eating.  So then I had dinner but ate about 5 bites because, well, I wasn’t hungry anymore.

At the end of the day, I put all of it into myfitnesspal since I’m tracking it and was only 200 calories over a normal day!  Which is interesting to me because on Ben & Jerry’s days (which is 1000 calories, give or take, a pint) I’m sure I’d be over by a couple of thousand calories.  Plus I’d have had a crash and been looking for more stuff to much on.  And probably woken up feeling like crap.  I did feel kind of bloaty from all the dried fruit, but nothing like the day after a sugar binge.  Which is good!

Finally, I’m maybe possibly losing weight, though I won’t know until the 19th.  I wore a running jacket my parents gave me for Xmas that was pretty fitted when I tried it on Xmas morning and definitely roomy today.  So that’s cool!  This whole thing doesn’t feel very hard right now, honestly.  Which, itself, is interesting.  I guess it wasn’t that much of a leap from where I was, but I’m surprised (pleasantly).


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