I cheated!

But not about eating.  I weighed in.  I was just really curious and I know I said I’d wait a month but I don’t know, whatever I’m confessing it here so now it’s out of me.  But the cool thing is that I lost 10 pounds!  And my bodyfat % went down by 3 points, although I don’t look at the absolute number on that I just look at trends.  Here are some of my thoughts.

  • Cool!  Obviously, going down is better than going up on both things because I feel like I eat a ton
  • I’m really just back to what’s been normal for me for awhile.  Leading up to this, I’d gone on vacation where I’d been drinking virgin pina coladas every day and eating dessert and not moving.  Then since I knew I was doing this, I’d kind of gotten in ALL the Ben & Jerrys. So my starting weight was alarmingly high for me – higher than I’d been in well over a year in fact
  • I feel happy that my body is responding well to whole foods.  Like, really happy.
  • I also am happy because I love what I’m eating.  I at this point have no real desire or sense of deprivation.  Sweet food tastes sweet enough.  Grains taste amazing.  I look forward to my giant salads for lunch.

So…it’s all good.  I am going to “offically” weigh in on the 19th and I guess I’m a little embarrassed that I couldn’t go a whole month without the scale (sigh) but it is what it is.  I’m owning up and moving on.


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