Long overdue “how it’s going” update

I keep thinking about how I need to write a quick update because I’m sure writing nothing leads people to think I abandoned this whole experiment  but I haven’t!    I guess I’m on my 6th week this week.  In my experience with changes, this is kind of the magical week where, if I get through it, all these things just become a habit.

Friday I almost caved.   Not sure if it was extinction burst or what, but I was having dinner with a bunch of friends in the North End and I wanted dessert after, dammit!  Like, more than I have since I started this whole thing.  A friend distracted me with stand up comedy and I ended up just kind of forgetting that I’d wanted it, went to sleep and was fine.  So there you go.

It’s still pretty crazy to me that I’m doing this and it’s not all that hard.  I actually crave vegetables and grains.  I have tons of energy.  I feel lighter although I seem to have settled right around the same “normal” weight I was after my initial bigger loss.  This is mostly fine.  My clothes fit well or loosely and I can hike, run, do yoga or boot camp and feel pretty good.  Still want to get leaner and sometimes feel like it’s NOT FAIR that I’m being so perfect about what goes into my body and I’ve been at the same weight for about 3 weeks.  But it is what it is.  I eat around 1800 calories give or take every day and I workout HARD just about every day.  I’m not willing to eat less or move less.

So that’s where we’re at right now!  Oh, I’m also semi trying out intermittent fasting.  What I mean by that is a few days a week I’m trying to keep eating to a 10 hour window with 14 hours of fasting to give my body a digestion rest.  It supposedly is good for helping you get leaner and also does cool hormonal things.  I don’t go nuts though and if I’m starving I eat earlier or later.  The idea is it should feel intuitive so that you don’t end up eating just because it’s time to eat.  So that’s interesting too.

Until next time, which hopefully is sooner than this last time!


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